"Believe in the abilities you have yet to see."

Research consistently finds that one of the largest roadblocks to successful implementation of effective AAC programs in schools across the country is that teachers feel they lack the knowledge, experience and time to properly implement effective AAC systems. Speech Pathologists are seeing larger and larger caseload numbers, leaving less time for staff training.

By 18 months babies have heard 4,380 hours of spoken language, and we don't expect them to be fluent speakers. If AAC learners only see symbols modeled for communication twice weekly for 20-30 minutes, it will take 84 years for them to have the same exposure to aided language as an 18-month old has had to spoken language. Research shows that AAC users require 3 hours of modeling, practice and use daily to become fluent in their symbol language. This can be done in a classroom setting.

Artful Expressions Speech Therapy was founded on the principle that everyone communicates! With the right individualized implementation plan and tools, each individual can expand their communication skills.  Communication happens all day long, not just in one specific environment.  Artful Expressions Speech  Pathologists understand the importance of a multidisciplinary team and the implementation of a communication system across all environments to support language and communication growth.  When a child has complex communication needs it is essential to select a therapist with the knowledge, expertise, and creativity needed to motivate and identify the potential of these individuals.  We provide the most effective services due to our dedication and passion for giving those without a voice a way to communicate. We are able to train special education staff, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and the school community in core vocabulary implementation. We are able to be a local resource to ensure all children have access to their voice and their classroom.