A Letter from Sarah & Amanda

Artful Expressions/Camp Ausome’s mission is to provide our community with an effective, research-based approach to speech, language, and social/functional communication. Our goal is to see the population we work with live lives full of possibilities. 

Our objective is to provide what we, as clinicians believe are the most effective treatment methodologies using best practice standards that are research-based.  

This brings us to a crossroads. On one hand, we know what is best for our caseload, typically, this is not once a week for 30 minutes in an individual session. On the other hand, this does not currently line up with what insurance companies are willing to cover.

This is the dilemma we face.

Either we could “accept” what insurance companies say is the best care, or we can stay true to our values and offer our patients what research and our experience have confirmed will likely produce greater gains and generalization of skills. 

Ultimately, we have chosen to do what we believe is the right thing for our community; sticking true to our values. We are committed to preserving our integrity and holding ourselves accountable to the highest standards of care around (quality). At the end of the day, this is the code we live by. 

All this being said, we do understand and appreciate the difficulty that this presents for families. We have compiled a list of resources for funding that is available in addition to your insurance benefits, that can be used to help with costs.  We will continue to update this list as we become aware of more opportunities. We are approved to accept DDA respite funds for all of our programs! The link to DDA is included with the list of family grants.  

We have worked diligently to put together a quality program that is affordable. All of our group sessions are 2-hours in length. We stand by the research of a naturalistic approach that is able to adjust to needs of both the individuals and the groups.